Ability Scores: ABIL MOD STR:9 -1 CON:17 +3 DEX:11 0 INT:16 +3 WIS:10 0 CHA: 15 +2

Initiative: 0 + 1/2 level Speed: 6 Languages: Common, Giant HP: 43 Bloodied: 17 Surges/Day:9 Surge Value: 8

Defenses: AC:13 FORT: 15 REF: 16 WILL: 15 +5 Resist Poison +5 Resist Fire + 1/2 level

Spells: At Will Eldritch Blast (132)Range 10 Con vs Ref 1d10 + con modifier dmg (3)

Hellish Rebuke (132) Range 10 (Fire spell) Con vs Ref 1d6 + con modifier fire dmg (3) If I takes dmg before my next turn the target takes an additional 1d6 + con modifier dmg

Encounter Vampiric Embrace (132)Range 5 Con vs Will 2d8 + Con modifier dmg Gain 5 hp + con modifier hp (3)

Daily Flames of Phlegethos (133)Range 10 Con vs Ref 3d10 + Con modifier (3) fire dmg Target takes ongoing 5 fire dmg (saves ends)

Utility Fiendish Resilience (Daily): Gain 8 temp hit points

Feats: Improved Dark One’s Blessing +3 tmp hit points + hit points equal to level when victim with my Warlock curse dies. Hellfire Blood +1 atck and dmg with fire and fear powers

Racial Feats: Low-light _Infernal Wrath: _Encounter Ability, Minor Action, Effect: You can channel your fury to gain a +1 power bonus to your next attack roll against an enemy that hit you since your last turn. If your attack hits and deals damage, add your Charisma modifier as extra damage. Bloodhunt Passive, You gain a +1 racial bonus to attack rolls against bloodied foes.

Class Abilities Warlock Curse (131) Minor Action, Place the curse on the enemy nearest me, multiple curses may be in place at any given time. I may choose after a successful hit to inflict an additional 1d6 curse dmg. Prime Shot (131) +1 atck if I am the closest to my target Shadow Walk (131)Gain concealment if I move 3 or more squares away from where I began my turn.

Skills Bonus | Skill Name | 1 |Acrobatics | 9 |Arcana |Trained 0 |Athletic | 10 |Bluff |Trained 3 |Diplomacy | 1 |Dungeoneering| 4 |Endurance | 1 |Heal | 4 |History | 6 |Insight |Trained 8 |Intimidate |Trained 1 |Nature | 1 |Perception | 4 |Religion | 3 |Stealth | 3 |Streetwise | 1 |Thievery |


Javier’s favourite food is pineapple.

Suspicious, quick to judge, impatient, stubborn and fearless (sometimes to fearless for his own good) Javier the Tiefling Warlock thoroughly enjoys everything material and actively seeks out material goods. Always holding his own interests as the MOST important thing on the PLANET (above and beyond everyone’s) when he does help someone its usually because he’s thinking of how it will help in the future. He is not above bullying others into getting what he wants (and actually gets pleasure from doing so) While physically weak he’s in good health and quite intelligent.

His god is Sehanine, though he doesn’t give much time to religion unless he sees potential benefits for himself to come from it.

Again while generally distrusting of most people, once you’ve earned his trust its usually safe to say you’ve got it ‘for keeps’. Javier has sought after an adventure for quite some time now, but been held back by his physically weak nature…something he is very self conscious about and does not take kindly to being discussed. He is so self conscious about his poor strength to the degree that if someone makes a comment about it they are likely to be the next victim his Hellish Rebuke.

His knowledge of the arcana world comes from his only relative which he has any respect for his Great Uncle who died defending against the Orc invasion on their community decades ago. His family has been viewed in the community as cowards for decades now after their fleeing from the invasion rather than staying to defend the women and children of the community. It was shortly after this invasion that Javier stopped using his last name. He doesn’t make use of last name (Samona) unless absolutely necessary as he is embarrassed of his families history and over cautiously fears the possibility some may trace him to them. He comes from a long line of mixed blood (Human and Tiefling) and blames his human connection for his physical weakness and generally looks down upon most humans.

In terms of connections with the others in the party…

Javier initial connection to the party came through with his meeting of the Elven Ranger in a walk through the forest. Caught off guard by a group of bandits Javier while to proud to surrender over his goods over to them found himself in a situation not pleasing to anyone. While as he remembers it he was he was handling himself just fine… Acwellan recalls the situation a little differently… having heard the noise and seen the sights of it came to the much needed aid of Javier. While still holding to this day that he would have taken care of the bandits just fine by himself he nonetheless appreciates the help Acwellan extended and since they has regarded him as friend.

Strangely enough Javier also manages to get along with the cleric, though thinks he wastes far to much time being concerned with Gods and not enough time looking out for himself. While having different interests from himself Javier respects that Royce is at least committed to something. Javier relationship with Eliazor is one of mutual distaste for each other and Javier puts up with Eliazor because he recognizes the benefits of having him in the party are worth annoyance he causes…though he does question this at times. Their shared knowledge of the arcana world also bring them together on occasions.

Now that the party is formed he is more than ready to venture forth and lay waste to all those that attempt stop him from reaching the fortune and fame he has so strongly sought after to hide the history of his past.


Beyond Balderdash Javier