Lord Ernest Padraig

Lord of town of Winterhaven


Young, clean cut man. Black hair, and a well-kept beard. Dresses in elegant drapings, which cover his polished suit of armor. Carries himself with pride.


Lord Ernest Padraig is the young Lord of Winterhaven. He is a descendent from the noble family that once ruled the area during the old empire. Folks around Winterhaven were happy with Lord Padraig’s father’s authority, and they have found answering to the rules of the new lord no more arduous. On the other hand, Padraig doesn’t have absolute power. For instance, he was unable to raise a force among the villagers to deal with the kobold problem on the roads surrounding the town, despite the serious problems it was causing the town.

Padraig has command over a group of soldiers known as the Winterhaven Regulars, who enforce law within the town, and provide protection for the Lord himself.

With his wife and 4 sons, he lives in a large, staffed manor home behind the inner-walls of Winterhaven. An appointment is required to have an audience with him. Appointments can be made at the inner-wall gate with one of the guards during the day. However, he has been known to visit Wrafton’s Inn to speak with his townsfolk on occasion.

Lord Ernest Padraig

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